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Moringa Pore Teatox Mask


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Powder to clay to unclog pores + soothe blemishes

This chlorophyll and anti-oxidant loaded powder is like a deep fresh breath for clogged, blemished and oily skin. Just add water to blend your own at- home weekly facial treatments. 





Key Ingredients

Moringa green tea 
Packed with Vitamins B, C, A, iron and amino acids to rebuild / promote overall skin health

Georgia Kaolin Clay
Gently pulls out acne-causing dirt, bacteria and excess oil from pores



1. Shower Facial

During the winter we recommend masking right in the shower! It's super easy to mix with hands PLUS the warm shower water boosts the mask's skin benefits without drying out the skin.  Just shake mask powder into palm, drizzle with water and blend with hands until mask is a paste.  To gently exfoliate, massage skin with finger tips. Leave mask on while you shower and rinse well. Skin will feel clean, firm and dewy.


2. To mix with a masking brush

Pour 1/2 tsp water into cup or bowl. Scoop 3 tsp clay powder and slowly mix into water. Smooth over face and leave on until mask is firm but not completely dry. Add a little more water for thinner consistency.


Full Ingredients:
kaolin clay, moringa green tea, powdered collards, oat flour, carrot seed and palmarosa essential oils