Are you a Werkacita?

Do you want to take care of your skin naturally but don't have time for a 10 step beauty ritual? We got you!

Here are our Top 5 Tips for go-getters to de-stress your skin on the go:


1. Pack a sandwich bag with cotton pads to take in your purse or gym bag. Apply face mist any time you feel excess oil and keep you skin hydrated throughout the day.


2. Clean skin before AND after working out to prevent acne-causing bacteria to mix with sweat.


3. Skip makeup wipes! They dry out and sensitize your skin. Instead, melt makeup away with a balm. We suggest our Moroccan Rose Double Dip Balm. Follow up with the Honeysuckle Rose Face Spray to remove excess oil and cleanse skin.


4. Feeling a stress pimple rise out of nowhere? Don't pop it (that will only spread bacteria and leave a dark mark).  Keep the pimple area clean and spot treat at night with a clay-based mask. And, really, don't pop it! 


5. Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Those fine lines that appeared recently may actually be a sign that you need to drink more water.


6. Stress eating? We've been there. Don't guilt yourself over the feel good food, but if you get a sudden breakout from those deadline munchies - and uh, the deadline! - try adding in more apples, berries, and nuts into your daily food.  And eat a tangerine before a meeting. The citrus aroma is an instant pick-me-up.


7. Ok one more! When moisturizing with oil (our fave way) put the drop on the back of your hand. Use a finger to gently dab the oil onto face a little at a time. For a super dewy - but not oily - glow, try mixing our Honeysuckle Rose spray with a SkinNectar. Dassit!


Want a quick Refresh without taking off your makeup? Check out the video below!



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