Tips for Summer Melanin Wellness

Taking care of melanin-rich, freckled and sun-pigmented skin care be easy (no really!) when you keep in mind melanin's core protective functions.  Here's our guide for Summer care for all hues, but especially those with melanated reactive skin.

Melanin is activated by UV light

Skincare has traditionally focused on protecting fairer skin from UV light to minimize damage, aging and cancer.  When thinking through melanated skincare needs it’s important to emphasize spf protection as well.  Moreover, certain ingredients make skin more sensitive under UV ray exposure. With this in mind, it’s important  to educate on seasonal care.  In Summer, prioritize hydration, spf and gentle exfoliation to avoid irritation and unintended darkening of hyperpigmented spots.


Consider your current environment

Your in melanin is adaptive to its environment so understanding the climate that you're in whether it's dry, rainy cold sunny is the first step in melanin wellness. Do you spend most days indoors with artificial climate air conditioning heating? Is it polluted where you live? Are there trees or green spaces to feed your skin oxygen and moisture?


Your age matters, but not always how you think it does

It’s also important to get in sync with your personal season. age is a big factor in your skin health because of hormonal realities, and changes in our  cell functions.   But your age doesn't define your skin. Understanding what happens to our bodies as we age gives us a better idea of the ingredients we need to replenish it.


 Sun adaptive plants for sun adaptive skin 

We work with Black-led farms to nourish melanated and sun-reactive skin with sun-adaptive superfoods. Rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants our inclusive sustainability reinvents Black folk wellness for a new generation. 


Hydrate more. Brighten less

Melanin converts sunlight into heat energy and our skin that is richer in melanin tends to lose water faster but many of us have larger pores as well which can lead to a situation of dry skin on the surface and oily clogged pores hydration is the number one skin goal that will make it easier to achieve overall wellness, clearer, smoother, skin, and a healthy glow, no matter what other type of product you use a hydrating mist is a non-negotiable and it's also the easiest way to make sure that our skin is getting the hydration that it needs to thrive. It's important to take your hydration with you throughout your day to help your skin adapt to whatever it.


Skinimalism is good for melanin, the wallet, and the planet.

Less products = less risk of irritation and clogged pores. For melanated and sun-blemished skin, look for ingredients that both brighten and balance like chlorophyll, lemon balm, honeysuckle and aloe.


Skincare beyond the bottle

Whether it’s a breakout, dryness and dull, unhealthy skin, your stress shows up on your face.  That’s why we also love to share how plants enhance overall wellness.  Getting into nature, bringing plants into your home, and adding in more plant-based foods and herbs into your everyday diet help ease high cortisol levels, creates ease and cleaner air, and bring your body back into a holistic balance. 


At Pholk, we understand what melanin really wants – and what it doesn’t.

Today’s beauty industry tends to focus on fading post-inflammation hyperpigmentation.  At Pholk, we get to the root of the problem by skipping ingredients that put melanin on the defense.  Our NAH LIST includes

  • hydroquinone
  • fake fragrance
  • gritty salt, sugar, and seeds
  • clogging oils
  • drying alcohol
  • sun-reacting citruses
  • complicated regimens with too many ingredients

All of our products are formulated with healthy, balanced melanin in mind to make it easier for you to keep your complexion nourished, even and glowy.

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