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Have you ever walked into a natural skincare store, scanned all of the beautiful pristine bottles, studied the exquisite list of ingredients and still have no idea which product is right for your skin needs? Natural butters, oils and floral waters may be wonderful in theory, but matching skincare with your personal skin challenges can be...well... a challenge!

And as a women of color, I found myself often frustrated - and a little defensive - that even in the age of inclusive beauty many natural brands did not address my specific concerns of dark spots, oily/combination skin, and ingrown hairs. Not to mention the high price points of green products. 
As a Southerner, a vegan skincare expert, traveller, and former African Diaspora historian, I am always in awe of the golden thread of beauty and healing that weaves together the African Diaspora.Wherever I travelled,  be it in Iran, Egypt, Italy, or my weekly wanderings in Paris, the first thing that I always did was to head to open air markets and ateliers to restore. After living in Europe for 12 years fresh food became my go-to, apothecaries became my pharmacy, and connections with others my calling.

Pholk Beauty grew out of my own sense of awe and gratitude at the timeless folk beauty and herbalist wisdom of my own kin, the cultivators and botanicals and minerals that have nourished our skin and souls for generations, and the multitude of ways that people of color infuse the globe with beauty.  Welcome to Pholk!


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