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Is your T-Zone oily but your cheeks are dull and dry? Or do you have dark spots on your chin and your forehead is always shiny? We see you! Shopping for targeted treatments can often feel complicated because your skin can have oily AND dry zones.  But with all the changes and stress of the moment, your skin is really doing the most right now. 

Because you mix these powdered masks yourself, creating the masking texture you've wished for is finally possible. Take your #SelfcareSunday to the next level by adding in a drop of your favorite essential oil. Use a splash of our toner waters to elevate your masking session!

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    pholk beauty

    GlowUp Mask with Apple + Hibiscus

    Original Price $15.00
    Current Price $12.00

     Gentle exfoliating mask for dull skin A skin-replenishing recipe that delivers the flower-potency of youth enhancing petals.  Just add water to cu...

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    Original Price $15.00
    Current Price $12.00
    Save 20%