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GlowUp Mask with Apple + Hibiscus


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 Gentle exfoliating mask for dull skin

A skin-replenishing recipe that delivers the flower-potency of youth enhancing petals.  Just add water to custom blend your own at-home weekly facial treatments. Masking brush included!


Key Ingredients

Cold-pressed Senegalese Hibiscus Oil
Delivers AHA flower acids to gently reveal luminous skin

      Green apple
      Malic acid gently and gradually brightens dark spots/ hyperpigmentation


      1. To use as mask

      Pour 1/2 tsp water into cup or bowl. Scoop 3 tsp clay powder and slowly mix into water. 
      Smooth over face and leave on until mask is firm but not completely dry. Add a little more water for thinner consistency.

      2. To use as clay cleanser

      In your palm, mix 1 tsp clay powder with drops of water and rub until mixture turns blue .
      Gently massage onto skin in circular motion. Rinse well with warm water.


      Full Ingredients:

      oat flour, kaolin clay, rose clay, blue mallow flower, hibiscus oil, powdered green apple, blue tansy essential oil, vegan glycerin