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Hyperpigmentation GlowGetters


Pholk blends soul botanicals that work WITH your melanin.

Our melanin - the pigment molecule that gives skin it's color- really is magical.  It protects us from aging UV ray and has natural antioxidants to target free radicals. The benefits of melanin-rich skin is supple, ageless complexions.  


Balanced melanin is magical melanin 

Derived from whole plants rather than lab-made actives that mimic natural benefits, our soul botanicals gently brighten and restore skin for a glowy and more even complexion. 


But there are also natural ingredients that can put melanin on defense. So, at Pholk we also skip natural ingredients like

- gritty sugar

- salt

- ground seeds
- pore-clogging oils and butters 

- sun-reacting citruses



    Hyperpigmentation Heros that are rich in Vitamins C, A and E, and other actives that combat the overproduction of melanin and include

    - rose 
    - moringa
    - lemon balm
    - rosehip
    - collards


    Top Tips for Dark Marks and Uneven Skin

    1. Get ahead of hyperpigmentation! Minimize acne breakouts that cause dark marks and scarring by keeping pores clear and balancing your natural oil.


    2. Skip gritty scrubs on the face. The micro-tears may lead to an uneven complexion.


    3. Feed your skin antioxidant-packed sources of Vitamin C that support your skin's natural defenses and boost the effectiveness of SPF.


    4. Avoid using sun-reacting citrus ingredients on the skin while outside.


    5. Use a mineral-based spf as the last layer of skincare.


    6. Prioritize your skin's needs.  If your main concern is inflammation like acne or eczema, focus first on calming skin and flareups.


    Questions? DM us in the chat for recommendations and to set up a free consult.



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