Why the cold is making your hyperpigmentation worse and what to do about it


Bae it's cold outside!  Did your melanin-rich skin seem to change overnight with the cold front? No, it's not just you.

Cold temperatures decrease humidity, making it harder for skin to retain water and moisture.  This leads to dry patches and irritation like eczema and psoriasis. Scratching itchy, irritated skin and scabbing can quicky lead to hyperpigmentation on delicate, reactive melanin skin. (Make sure to get our top product recommendations at the bottom of the page!)

Our tips:

  • Wash your face at night only. This will remove the grit and grime of the day and allow your skin to recover it’s natural oils while you sleep.
  • Always use a combination of face mist + face oil to mimic your skin’s natural skin barrier. For truly thirsty skin use the Honeysuckle Rose Face Mist and the Rose Gardenia SkinNectar.
  • Limit the amount of tap water on the face. Whenever possible, swap out tap water with a face mist instead.
  • Sooth dry patches with our mango butter rich Werkacita Allover Balm. For extra sensitive skin we recommend the Moroccan Rose.


Winter Acne

Although we often think of summer as acne season because of excess sweat,  cold temps suck the moisture out of our skin and signal our sebum glands to make more oil. The combo of dehydrated skin + excess sebum is the perfect combo for an acne flareup.

Our tips: 

  • Layer your hydration by doubling up on our Face Mists. We recommend using the Aloe Lemon Balm Face Mist first to ensure that pores are clean and balanced.
  • Always seal in hydration with a moisturizer. Our 100% botanical mists are deeply hydrating, but like all water, they eventually evaporate without a moisturizer.  For acne-prone skin use the Featherlight SkinNectar as your final layer.


Warm indoors = dry indoors

This cold snap have many of us cranking up the heat and staying indoors.  Yesssss, to staying cozy, warm and safe, but keep in mind that that heating is super dehydrating for skin.


Our tips

  • Hydration hydration hydration. Keep a mini face mist with you at all times to replenish skin.
  • Use a humidifier to add moisture to living spaces. Your plants will love it too!
  • Wear an spf even when inside. Similar to sunlight, digital light from screens also creates oxidative damage and can age and dehydrate your skin.  



Holistic Hyperpigmentation Care

melanin rich woman

Address the root causes of hyperpigmentation first to minimize the occurrence of dark spots. Your melanin-rich skin is - by nature - reactive and extra sensitive in cold weather.  Remember that supported melanin is happy melanin. Focus on boosting healthy cell turnover with skin-nourishing cold-pressed oils from like moringa, okra, rosehip and hempseed.


Our tips

  • Use a combination of non-clogging oils as needed throughout the day. Whenever skin feels tight, dull or stressed, warm a couple of drops in your hand and gently press into skin. Think of it as little snack breaks for your melanin. We recommend using the PerkUp EyeNectar throughout the day on dry patches and dark spots to keep skin supple and healthy.
  • Reach for hyperpigmentation treatments only when needed. Remember that hyperpigmentation is your melanin's way of addressing inflammation and irritation, so focus on those concerns first. 

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS for hyperpigmentation in winter

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