Got Seasonal Acne? Eat Hemp Seeds!

Got  Seasonal Acne? Eat Hemp Seeds!



Seasonal acne come out of nowhere?  Our Dms are full of Pholx with sudden flareups. What if we told you your next trip to the grocery store might hold the secret to keeping blemishes at bay? Well, it's time to say hello to hemp seeds, your new BFF in the fight against acne! ✨

These tiny miracles of nature pack quite a punch. They're brimming with Vitamin F, or linoleic acid. You see, Linoleic acid is an omega-6 fatty acid that helps regulate skin oil production. Too much oil can clog your pores, which is like rolling out the welcome mat for acne. By helping to balance sebum, your skin’s natural oil,  hemp seeds can reduce overproduction.

But that's not all! The anti-inflammatory properties of hemp seeds can also help calm down that red, inflamed acne to minimize it’s appearance while your skin heals.

Best of all, hemp seeds are delicious and can be added to almost any breakfast.  Pholk founder Niambi sprinkles them on smoothies, toasts and fresh fruit.


Here’s what you need to make her 3-minute Hemp Seed Toast:

  • Sourdough bread: This fermented favorite is great at calming inflammation.
  • Almond butter: An anti-inflammatory force to be reckoned with.
  • Blueberries: These little guys are all about antioxidants and vitamin C - a dream team for great-looking skin.
  • Hemp seeds: Vitamin F and linoleic acid-rich, remember? That's two for the price of one!

Toast the bread, spread the nut butter, pile on the blueberries, and top with hemp seeds. Dassit!

Feed your skin from the outside too with some cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

Our Featherlight Skin Nectar lends your skin the lush dose of Vitamin F it needs, and it’s now 30% off with the code REPHRESH30.

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