Botanicals for Your Zodiac Sign in 2023


Easing into 2023? We got you! Botanicals are one of the easiest ways to get in sync with the season that you're in.  Pholk Studio manager, Nati Hoyos offered up these beautiful forecasts for our first month of the New Year.  Founder Niambi paired them with her favorite botanicals to start your month off with more joy, calm and grounding. 

Although botanicals are a seriously potent way to support your wellbeing, these are meant for fun! Enjoy them and feel free to email or DM us @pholkbeauty to let us know how you're infusing your botaniscope botanical into your life. 


Aries (MAR 21 - APR 19)
Enters a new year of feeling light and fresh from leaving behind some baggage. Although the road in front of you is foreign, you understand the path will lead you into a transformative journey of the self. 


Gemini (MAY 21 - JUNE 20)
The pursuit of happiness is a constant, and this year joy and confidence are sailing with you, embarking on a journey of newfound confidence. Sail on! 


Cancer (JUNE 21 - JULY 22)
All parallel lines eventually meet another pair, and a connection comes to fruition. The upcoming new year beckons you to be under the limelight, and many aspects of your life will noticeably expand and shine. Embrace the experience of thriving-- just don't fly too close to the sun.   

JASMINE  reaffirms your confidence that is waiting to be unraveled in its glory. Claiming self assurance, allows you to find your inner power.  


The new year swoops in with supportive arms to bring you closer to new levels of intimacy,  emotional and financial support. A wonderful refreshing sense of security will see its way into your new year. 

SPEARMINT brings you a delightful start to the new year, and energizes thoughts to approach new things with grace, clarity, and optimism. 


Libra (SEPT 23 - OCT 22)
Your river flows with a steady current-- things of relational value and negotiations will arrive at opportune times. You've trekked along some jagged rocks but now you've found yourself on smooth and steady ground.


Scorpio  (OCT 23 - NOV 21)
This is a prosperous time for endeavors within your health as well as employment opportunities! This is a time where you thrive but you should also take care to avoid filling your cup too full-- it's easy for you to become overwhelmed but as long as you are pacing yourself in a way that brings you joy and security, your success will follow suit.

VETIVER is perfect for when you want to recenter yourself, regain stability and destress during turbulent times.

Sagittarius (NOV 22 - DEC 21)
There's a newfound liberation that rings in the new year for you-- you are bubbling with brand new ways of expressing your transformative self and you are willing to explore the thrill of taking the leap of curiosity and that's the reward for you!

LEMON BALM assists in attaining your goals by fuels expanding your dreamlife and manifestation magic.


Capricorn (DEC 22 - JAN 19)
Home is where the heart resides, and this upcoming new year will play out in a way that expands and nourishes your comfort with family, a present home and romance.. Perhaps you've packed your things and gone somewhere new to call your home-- new additions such as a roommate or essential items may solidify the peace you crave for your home.


Aquarius (JAN 20 - FEB 18)
2023 makes you want to get into the thick of it all! Your mind is invested into diving into a world of learning and educating yourself on a subject that you've been itching to explore. This also includes creating new connections and thus expanding your social circle.  

ROSE, the queen of florals guides you to effortlessly attract what you desire, to bask in the attention and admiration of others.


Pisces (FEB 19 - MAR 20)
Your stream of confidence and self worth is glistening for the new year! You are embracing the reality of your self-worth and belief that your needs deserve to be met and fulfilled! This can include material things or perhaps your business-- balance and choose wisely what and how you decide to indulge.  

 CLARY SAGE helps you look at the whole picture in order to determine how you feel about what's in front of you with a level headed perspective.

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