Pholk Customer Spotlight
Meet Lenora

Name + fun fact : Lenora - Fun fact: I studied archeology but ended up starting my career as a journalist/writer instead.

What’s your favorite pholk product?: That’s tough! I’m obsessed with all of my Pholk products. Right now, the rose gardenia skinectar oil is giving my skin life. It’s gives me that glow that I love.

What skin issues are you currently having? And did our products help:  My skin has been all over the place lately. One minute it’s dry and the next it’s not. I was struggling with rashes on my face terribly and the Pholk rosehip seed oil face wash for sensitive skin was so soothing while it cleansed.  It didn’t strip my skin at all. 

What does using natural skincare mean to you? And how has it affected you personally?: Natural skincare is very important to me now. I like knowing exactly what I am putting on my skin. My skin keeps changing and certain ingredients now bother me. So many products out there have so many harmful ingredients that aren’t good for your overall health. It gives me a peace of mind knowing I’m using all-natural ingredients while pampering my skin.


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