Pholk Customer Spotlight
Meet Toya

Name + fun fact: Toya (Toya From Harlem) +6 months ago I quit my job and moved out to LA. Still trying to figure it my life out- lol

What’s your favorite pholk product?: My favorite product is your DAILY DETOX FACE WASH FOR NORMAL/OILY/COMBO SKIN. Apparently, its my boyfriends as well-he has been using it-lol

What skin issues are you currently having? And did our products help ?: I have combination skin, where my skin is mostly normal but my T-zone is dry, so this product was perfect for me. I don't suffer from acne, but I do suffer for being too lazy to wash my face-which leads to my breakouts-, but with this product being easy to use and feeling so good-I'm actually excited to wash my face at the end of the night. I also love that I only need one maybe two pumps to clean my entire face. A little goes along way and it's travel size, so I can easily take it on a trip. Your product helped me finally come up with a simple cleaning routine, that was quick and didn't feel like it dried out my face taking all the good bacteria off.

What does using natural skincare mean to you? And how has it affected you personally?: Recently, I have become more conscious of the things that I put in my body through food and the things I put on my skin through skincare/makeup. This has led me to change my diet to organic and switch my skincare/makeup to natural products. Personally, these changes has just help increase my over health and skin. My diet has given me more energy and your natural face wash has given not only improved my skin but given me a natural glow.


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