Pholk Customer Spotlight
Meet Rachel

Name & Fun Fact:  Rachel, fun fact: I don't have my ears pierced!  

What’s your favorite pholk product?: Double Dip Balm - Ginger

What skin issues are you currently having? And did our products help ?:I love the balm and have replaced my makeup wipes with it after Niambi educated me on the dehydrating effects of traditional make up wipes. I was already looking for an alternative due to the single use/wastefulness of the wipes!  I love how the balm leaves my skin, I simply cannot live without the balm! I also love the masks and the Pholk team has been great on demoing just how easy it is to whip one up! 

What does using natural skincare mean to you? And how has it affected you personally?: Natural skin care to me means being environmentally responsible in everything your body uses and consumes, Polk embodies that and supplies tools to enhance every woman's natural gifts!


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