Pholk Customer Spotlight
Meet Mary


Name: Mary

Fun Fact: I can wiggle my ear, raise my eyebrow, and snarl my top lip, but only on my left side 

Favorite Pholk product: The honeysuckle rose mist and the moroccan rose all-over vegan moisturizer

What skin issues are you currently having, And did our products help?: My feet and ankles get super ashy, and the soft whipped texture of the moisturizer leaves them looking and feeling nourished all day. I use the honeysuckle rose mist daily for extra hydration and also to feel refreshed and fancy 🧖🏾‍♀️ 

What does using natural skincare mean to you? And how has it affected you personally?: Nature provides! I love that the ingredients that go into Pholk’s products are pronounceable, familiar, and time-tested. It feels like it’s meant to be on your skin, and there’s no ambiguity surrounding what goes into it.


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